Key features


Use only the tools that you need


Import files to the service


Perform astrometric solution on each of the imported frames


Optional step: aperture or PSF photometry on found objects


Optional step: correlate objects with GNSS-ephemeris or SSO databases


Export results in the format of your choice: CSV, JSON, TDM, MPC

SSA Ready

Towards real-time detection and analysis of hazardous objects orbiting Earth
Astrometry24.NET allows to correlate non-stellar objects with Solar System Objects databases and obtain information i.e. on Near Earth Objects. Our sample modelling, with astrometric solution RMS of 0.1 px, leads us towards orbit determination for Earth-hazardous objects.
Observations were conducted using the ESA Optical Ground Station telescope, located at Teide Observatory, Tenerife.
Rapidly increasing space-traffic and growing number of debri orbiting Earth is a major challenge for satellites operators. Precise tracking is a crucial step in collision avoidance, yet, it cannot be done without proper sensor calibration. We provide automatic GNSS satellite correlation algorithm, using precise ephemeris, which is obtained during processing from ESA-datacentres. Our preliminary results of the so-called "Modelled vs Measured" analysis of the raw (unprocessed) frames of the COSMOS-2426 satellite shows that Astrometry24.NET service is capable of SST-required precision of RMS 0.3-0.4 arcsec.
Observations were conducted using Campus Observatory Garching telescope, Max Planck Institute, Germany.

Web & CLI Integration

State-of-the-art IT solutions

The Astrometry24.NET is built on top of the state-of-the-art technologies, including .NETCore and Typescript. It can be deployed to private, public or hybrid clouds and used via the web-based or command line interfaces, while the user access is governed by means of OpenAM authorisation and authentication standard. It is continously tested on sets of real and synthetic frames before the deployment to ensure the astrometric solution is correct. This allows us to deliver always up-to-date and tested code the users.

Manage and process your files in browser

Access the service via the web app
File & folder management
Built on top of AstroDrive, our dedicated file storage service for astronomical data: importing files via drag&drop with automatic preselection of processing workflow. File-system like manipulation of folders and files with sharing support.
Built-in FITS & WCS support
Displaying and manipulating FITS files in the browser: zoom, pan, rotate, histogram range settings, color maps, scaling and keywords. Support for copying & pasting settings between frames. Out-of-the-box WCS coordinates and signal count.
Image statistics
Integrated object aperture and background statistics (both for point sources and streaks), with multiple, exportable line and area projections.
Object display & statistics
Objects layer with detailed view of the selected object (astrometry, photometry and correlation data).
Manage and reuse processing workflows
Create astrometric processing workflows from scratch or using one of the predefined ones. Workflows can be used and updated at any time, and applied manually or automatically during file import or process.
Single & batch processing
Apply processing workflow to one or multiple files. Once processed, the app will load latest results and display the solution on the FITS frame. The web app displays processing progress as well, and allows to load older results on-the-fly.

Integrate with your pipeline

Cross-platform Command-line interface

We provide cross-platform command-line interface, built on top of .NETCore framework. It provides access to Astrometry24.NET service, and allows for integration with existing processing pipelines. It's available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

In preview

Astrometry24.NET is currently in beta stage. For a test account, contact us at